Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stock Art ...

Okay, yes, things are definitely cooking under low heat lately. I hope to have a nice "meal" ready sometime though. I do need to turn up the heat though don't I?

I recently spent a great deal of time searching through art and stock-art and finally found some nice pieces that fit what I was looking for and purchased them. Several hours later I noticed a message board post about the "company" selling that artwork and became very concerned.

I'll make the long story short and say that I have my money back and that "company" is no longer selling art on that site. SIGH!

I guess that means I'll be spending a bit more time looking at artwork.

I am still aiming at making the switch to having the Sparks primer separated from the City Street locations and having everything updated before the big GM's day sales coming up next week. We'll see how it goes.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Late February

Well, artwork problems are slowing down a few things right now so I am going to set a goal of late February to have the Sparks primer done, new layouts of some of collections offered for POD as well as new City Streets locations.

Art is a real hold-up for me right now and I am trying to get a handle on the situation. Unfortunately, my sales are not high enough to afford the artwork I would really like to get. Yes, I would love to think that if I spend more money on artwork that this will drive increased sales but I am pretty sure that is not going to be the case.

I still don't have a website update completed which pretty much makes GU look dead (or barely breathing) for the moment. I hope to get a bit of an update on that tomorrow (Tuesday). I am planning for a website design overhaul next summer, but right now the present site will just have to do.

That's the news for now.