Friday, September 16, 2011


Well, trying the new blogger format was clearly a mistake. No, really, if you use Blogger do NOT try the "new format." Anyway, on to more important things.
Still working on getting some maps/artwork out of the way for several fully written products. These steps always seem to take the longest and always slow me down. I plan to have new products up for the September 19th "Talk Like a Pirate Day" the question of exactly which products remains to be answered.

Paizo Updates - I had a problem with the Paizo interface and the person I emailed questions about it either isn't at Paizo anymore or was on vacation. The problem is solved so I will be working on recompiling Paizo "versions" of all of the updated products and trying to get them uploaded this weekend. Obviously, this will slow down getting some of the other work on new products done, but this is a necessary step. Oh, and for further information, "Paizo Versions" basically means a version where the links to other products in advertising or in the title page lead to the Paizo store instead of RPGNow/DTRPG/etc. Unfortunately, I didn't make this easy on myself initially but I am close to having a system set up where this will be much faster in the future.

Website update: I had a nice website update created and basically made the mistake of trying to update late at night. Not sure which setting I reversed but the existing website copied over the masters I had on my computer. Basically, I erased my work. I will admit to leaving it alone in my frustration, but I am now going back over the website (and all of my master settings) and should have a website update up soon.

That's the news, slow progress to be certain, but progress is being made. Four City Streets books are written and awaiting art/cartography which I basically have to do myself so it is taking a while. The next Tavern Denizens book is nearing completion and several more small products are also close to ready.