Monday, April 18, 2011


Yet more proof that Patrick is FAR more likely to write away like crazy than to take care of piddly things like layout and art that NEED to be done before products can be released. It doesn't matter how much I have written if I don't get the layout and artwork put away.

The website is back up though (not that anyone but me probably noticed it was down). Turns out my host shut it down and sent me a notification about it (which I received 5 minutes after discovering the website was down, so maybe it wasn't down long). Basically, someone tried to log into my account 125 different times in a period of 3 minutes--ie. some sort of hack attempt. No idea why, but the tech support guy that talked to me about it said that maybe they were going to try to use my email host to send out spam, someone testing hacking software, or it was simply a kid trying to mess around.

In any case, the host provider took care of it all, including reports of the data of the hack attempt filed with the FBI. Honestly, I thought it was pretty cool that they responded so quickly and diligently for my little website which I am sure is barely a blip in their income stream.

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