Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time Moves On ...

Okay, time moves on. Bright side-I have done a lot of writing. Not so bright- not all has been RPG/GU related. Layout and artwork are still huge issues, for a wide variety of reasons.

RPGNow/DriveThruRPG has a "Christmas in July" promotion every year, and my new (latest) goal is to get things ready for release in time for this promotion. The goal is to
(1) Have the separate Sparks introduction ready for release.
(2) Update ALL previous releases to remove the Sparks intro as well as make a few other improvements.

The above 2 points are made more difficult by the fact that I want to update the layout (of everything) with a different, more uniform page border and to match standards for page bleed, etc. used for print on demand.

(3) Update the website with new information and links.
(4) Create and plan banner ads to run on the various OBS sites.
(5) Finish up the editing, writing, etc. for several new releases. These might not be released right away but I would like to have them ready to go. Layout for these depends on the points above.

Upcoming goals and plans include a new line of generic and/or 3.X (OGL) adventures and some other products. These products depend on the activity of other people so we shall see how that all works out.

I have gotten more organized by dedicating specific amounts of time each week (yes, actually scheduled) to working on specific GU projects so work is getting done in a more organized manner. Sometimes I have to "reward" myself with writing time after I get a few of the more boring (and sometimes time-consuming) aspects completed.

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